This page contains information on the deadlines for the pre-2012 tenure and promotion process. All agreement references are from the 2010-12 Collective Agreement


September 30 — Deadline for establishing Departmental Promotion Committee (Article 10.2(a)) and Departmental Tenure Committee (Appendix A, paragraph B1)


October 1 — University Librarian prepares list of Librarians eligible for promotion (Article 10.7(b)(i))

October 1 — Library Peer Evaluation Committee posts notice giving timetable for promotion proceedings (Article 10.7(b)(ii))

October 30 — Instructor may request promotion consideration outside of automatic schedule (Article 10.9(c))

October 31 — Department Tenure Committee submits recommendations to Dean (Appendix A, paragraph B3)


November 15 — Dean establishes Faculty Tenure Committee (Appendix A, paragraph B4)

November 30 — Faculty Tenure Committee submits recommendations to the President (Appendix A, paragraph B5)


December 15 — Dean establishes Faculty Promotion Committee (Article 10.3(a))

December 21 — President advises candidates regarding tenure decision (Appendix A, paragraph B7)

December 31 — Deadline for candidates to appeal to Tenure Appeals Committee (Appendix A, paragraph B10)


January 31 — Tenure Appeal Committee to submit recommendations and reasons to the President and appellant (Appendix A, paragraph B11)


February 14 — President’s decision to appellant and departmental/faculty committees (Appendix A, paragraph B11)


March 15 — Peer Evaluation Committee recommendations to Library Rank Promotions Committee (Article 10.7.(b)(viii))

March 31 — Dean’s decision regarding promotion for Instructors (Article 10.8(c))


April 1 — Deadline for Promotion Appeal Committee to be established (Article 10.5(a))

April 15 — Library Rank Promotion Committee recommendation to be forwarded to the President (Article 10.7(c)(v))


May 1 — President to advise candidates of University Promotion Committee recommendation (Article 10.4(d))

May 22 — Deadline for candidate to appeal to Promotion Appeal Committee (Article 10.5(a)(i))

May 31 — President to recommend to Board of Governors professional librarian promotions (Article 10.7(e))

May 31 — Deadline to request retention of promotion letters of assessment (Article 16.8(b))


June 1 — President to notify successful professional librarians of promotion (Article 10.7(f))

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