Angelo Mingarelli

Angelo is Professor of Mathematics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, where he’s been on the faculty for 29 years. As a  CUASA member he’s been a member of almost every committee in the association and president of the association for a fourth term this year. He has published more than 110 papers and is the author of six books.

Dominique Marshall
Vice President

Dominique is Professor of History, where she teaches and researches the past of social policy, children’s rights, humanitarian aid, refugees, disability and technology.

As a CUASA member she has been a member of Council for the Department of History for one year, and a CUASA representative on the Carleton University Joint  Health and Safety Committee. She was President of the Canadian Historical Association from 2013 to 2015, member of the Board of the Canadian Federation of Social Sciences and Humanities (CFSSH) from 2012 to 2017.

Root Gorelick
Past President

Root is an anarchist who cares deeply about equity, inclusion, integrity, and due process. His guiding principles are “do no harm” and “leave things better than you found them”. He has training and work experience in biology, mathematics, economics, and physics.

Greg Franks

Greg is Associate Professor in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering and is the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies. He has served on Council and as Salary and Benefits officer, in addition to being the Treasurer. His research interest is primarily in trying to make computer systems run fast. When he is not trying to balance books, decipher University finance, advise students, or make computer systems run faster, you will find him out snowboarding in the winter and cycling in the summer.

Chantal Dion
Chair, Collective Bargaining & Chief Negotiator

Education is Chantal’s passion. Fair democracy is her main objective. With this in mind, it probably helps she has written a PhD dissertation on Humor and Laughter in learning and teaching a second language (Université de Montréal, 2007). Chantal believes in negotiations, as long as all parties are respectful and fair. Over time, her involvement with CUASA has been natural: Council representative, Instructor representative, President, and Chair of the Collective Bargaining Committee/Chief Negotiator. She believes in the strength of the whole, and she has faith in intelligent and positive participation. In Chantal’s opinion, there is no greater power than the power of solidarity exercised with no-nonsense diplomacy.

Raj Singh
External Relations Officer

Chinnaiah Jangam
Chair, Grievance Policy and Administration

Chinnaiah Jangam is an Associate Professor in the Department of History. His research focuses on the history of Dalits (untouchables) in South Asia. He writes on the issues of caste, race social justice, human rights, inclusion, equity, and equality. He teaches courses on colonialism, anti-colonial nationalism, decolonization. He served as a CUASA Council representative before becoming the Chair of Grievance Policy and Administration.

Brett Stevens
Salary and Benefits Officer

Brett Stevens has been a professor of mathematics at Carleton University since 2001. He has represented Mathematics and Statistics on CUASA Council for several terms. He was CUASA’s Salary and Benefits Officer from 2005-2006, Chief Negotiator from 2008-2011 and Chair, Internal Affairs from 2019-2020. He is interested in equity, secure employment, fairness and intellectual property/privacy rights in Universities.

Brian Greenspan
Chair, Internal Affairs

Brian is an Associate Professor in the Department of English, the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture, and the Digital Humanities and Human-Computer Interaction programs. His scholarship focuses on new media and the history of utopian thought. As Chair of Internal Affairs, he is dedicated to ensuring fairness and collegiality in the workplace.

Dawn Moore
Chair, Equity

Marylynn Steckley
Chair, Nominations and Elections

My work is located broadly in the field of political ecology, with a focus on development, and social inequality. I am particularly interested in processes of social differentiation, displacement, and ‘othering’ in food systems, with an emphasis on how class, race and gender intersect to influence food security, dietary choices, and access to land. My approach to food systems reflects the ‘structure-agency’ tension that characterizes much of the work in the field of political ecology, and has focused on how political economic systems and food cultures interact to influence environmental and dietary change. In this respect, I aim to understand how agro-food trade policies and dietary aspirations for ‘prestigious’ goods can shape food systems in ways that can reproduce poverty and contribute to environmental change. However, I am deeply committed to the faith that this is not inevitable – eating can also be emancipatory!

Julie Lavigne
Professional Librarian Representative

Julie has been Legal Studies Librarian at Carleton since 2012, and previously held similar positions at uOttawa and the Library of Parliament. Julie has served as Council rep to CUASA (2013-16) and on the Grievances Committee (2015-17), and has twice been a member of CUASA’s Collective Bargaining Committee (2016-17, 2019-2021). A member of the Law Society of Ontario since 2004, Julie’s research focuses on copyright law, privacy rights, law and ethics, and the intersection between law, society, and culture.

Ahmed Hassan
Instructor Representative

Ahmed is an instructor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. As a researcher his focus is on advanced structural systems for building resilient buildings in seismic zones. Being a graduate from Carleton’s undergraduate, masters’ and PhD programs, Ahmed has served on a number of hiring committees as a student, served on the university senate as a student, and served as GSA departmental representative. Upon graduation, he decided to pursue his passion for teaching in the role of an instructor, and is looking to continue his involvement, this time with CUASA, for the betterment of the Carleton community and its members. As an instructor, Ahmed is always looking to bring innovative and engaging pedagogical into the structural engineering discipline. In his free time, Ahmed enjoys travel and visiting local dineries, as well as watching sports, especially soccer.

Christal Côté
Director / Senior Grievance and Arbitration Officer

Christal is the in-house legal services professional responsible for representing the Association, and its members, at all stages of the grievance process and before various boards, administrative tribunals and arbitrators. Under the oversight of the Grievance Policy and Administration Committee and in collaboration with the President, Christal is also responsible for coordinating legal projects, developing grievance education and overseeing the Association’s grievance handling and representation services. She also serves as CUASA’s Director.

Christal is licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) and holds a P1 license; has a BA from the University of Manitoba; is a Mediator with a certificate in Advanced Negotiations; and graduated with honours from the LSUC accredited licensed paralegal program at Algonquin Careers Academy. Christal recently graduated with a Master of Ethics and Legal Studies with a specialization in Industrial Relations from Charles Sturt University.

Deborah Jackson
Office Manager

In addition to the day to day running of the CUASA Office, Deborah is responsible for CUASA’s finances, administering the mailing and membership lists, running CUASA elections and the loan of CUASA materials to members. Deborah has been with CUASA since 1999.

Josh Horton
Member Services and Communications Officer

Josh (he/they) is responsible for helping to write, edit, and distribute both internal and external communications on behalf of the Association, including the CUASA website and social media feeds. Their primary responsibilities also include assisting in collective bargaining, providing committee support, responding to member inquiries, meeting with academic job candidates, and developing and coordinating events and activities.

Josh holds a Master of Arts in Communication from Carleton University, and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Communication from Cape Breton University in his hometown of Sydney, NS. They also have a Professional Writing Certificate in Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Calgary.

Max López
Research Officer (Equity)

Max (he/they) is a queer, trans, disabled Muslim who loves hiking, playing with his dog, and reading Afrofuturist feminist sci-fi. Prior to working at CUASA, Max worked in the senior services sector and taught in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program at Oregon State University. Max holds a Bachelor of Arts from Bard College, with a double major in Human Rights and Political Studies, and he received a Master of Arts from Oregon State University in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Queer Studies. Their master’s thesis, titled “The Tawḥīdic Pull: Towards a Queer Islamic Spiritual Activism,” utilized Audre Lorde’s biomythographical framework to put queer and trans Muslim theology and activism in conversation with disability studies and queer woman of color feminist theory.

Max joined CUASA in March of 2022, where he serves as the support staff for various subcommittees, creating minutes and agendas for meetings, assisting with scheduling, and performing research for equity-related initiatives.

Alex Aucoin
Grievance Support Services Assistant

Alex provides assistance throughout the grievance and arbitration processes.

Alex holds a P1 licence from the Law Society of Ontario and graduated with honours from the paralegal program at Algonquin Careers Academy in Ottawa. Alex also holds a certificate in labour law from York University and he is currently completing a bachelor degree in human resources and labour relations from Athabasca University.

Hanan Mankal
Grievance Support Services Assistant

Hanan grew up in Ottawa and moved to the Middle East for a number of years with her family. She comes from a diversified professional background working in the medical field, retail, and the legal field.

Hanan holds a P1 licence from the Law Society of Ontario, and graduated with excellence from the LSO accredited paralegal program at Algonquin Careers Academy. She is passionate about helping people and is looking forward to a new chapter in her career.

Liala Swayty
Assistant to the Director

Liala first joined CUASA’s team in 2015 as the Records and Space Management Coordinator and is now the Assistant to the Director. Liala helps contribute to the overall effective operation of CUASA services by providing executive administrative support, taking minutes, scheduling meetings, preparing various material, and organizing and filing association documents.

Liala has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Commerce degree, both from the University of Ottawa.