President’s Message

The beginning of this new academic year marks the beginning of new challenges, the nature of which we hadn’t seen for some 20 years. The provincial government’s insistence on targeting the educational sector and universities, in particular, and then especially senior faculty drawing both salaries and a pension, is going to make for a difficult agenda for your faculty association. Internally, we have a large number of scheduled arbitrations and numerous grievances and concerns on the part of our members, all of which must be managed and hopefully settled to our and your satisfaction. In addition, we will be preparing for our next round of bargaining. Part of the preparations include your input into the survey to be circulated in the near future and your thoughts about what is and what isn’t working as a faculty member or professional librarian at Carleton. The plan this year is to foster more engagement by members, try to fill Steering positions, encourage attendance at Council meetings, and seek additional help for CUASA staff, all in order to make for a more vibrant inclusive association.

In solidarity,

Angelo Mingarelli
CUASA President