Faculty, instructor and librarian salaries are, for the most part, determined by the collective agreement. Initial salaries are negotiated by candidates during the recruitment process. For more information, see the job candidate information.

For information on salary adjustments for members or requesting a review of your salary, please see the section on Salary Rationalization below.


In general, academic staff salary scales are designed to to recognize both the continuous professional development and significant amount of formal education required of academic staff.

When an academic staff member begins his or her career, it is typically at a salary that is below the average. Throughout their career, academic staff receive negotiated scale increases (usually expressed as a percentage and/or a lump sum) and Career Development Increments (CDIs).

CDIs are an annual increase to the member’s salary, expressed as a lump sum (see below). These amounts are calculated using a formula in Appendix. CDIs are awarded to all eligible members, provided they meet certain criteria. The CDI continues to be awarded until the member reaches the ceiling, though it is reduced once the member passes the breakpoint.

More Information: Understanding Faculty Salaries (coming soon)


MAY 1, 2014 (2.1%) MAY 1, 2015 (1.7%) MAY 1, 2016 (1.6%)
Faculty Ranks
Lecturer $53,110 $54,010 $54,880
Assistant Professor $66,380 $67,510 $68,590
Associate Professor $82,980 $84,390 $85,740
Professor $109,530 $111,400 $113,180
CDI (Full) $3,320 $3,380 $3,430
CDI (Partial) $2,220 $2,250 $2,290
CDI (Breakpoint) $132,760 $135,020 $137,180
CDI (Ceiling) $165,950 $168,780 $171,480
Instructor Ranks
Instructor I $53,310 $54,210 $55,080
Instructor II $61,300 $62,340 $63,340
Instructor III $71,970 $73,190 $74,360
CDI (Full) $3,095 $3,135 $3,185
CDI (Partial) $2,205 $2,235 $2,265
CDI (Breakpoint) $106,620 $180,420 $110,160
CDI (Ceiling) $113,280 $135,530 $137,700
Librarian Ranks
Librarian I $56,900 $57,870 $58,800
Librarian II $63,220 $64,300 $65,330
Librarian III $79,030 $80,380 $81,670
Librarian IV $98,000 $99,670 $101,270
CDI (Full) $3,170 $3,220 $3,270
CDI (Partial) $2,110 $2,150 $2,180
CDI (Breakpoint) $126,440 $128,600 $130,660
CDI (Ceiling) $158,050 $160,750 $163.33

More Information: Historical Salary Floors, Ceillings, Breakpoints and CDIs

More Information: Salary Settlement History


The Salary Rationalization Process was established by Appendix E of the Collective Agreement. The Salary Adjustment Commission considers requests for salary adjustments from members of CUASA and/or the Deans.

Salaries are normally evaluated under one or more of the following categories:

Anomaly or Inequity: an adjustment may be made through a comparison between the applicant’s salary, the standard line and to other members (normally those from the same department)

Special Merit: an adjustment may be made after an examination of the applicant’s work with special attention to prestigious awards or other special critical attention arising out of major pieces of work. This is normally considered to signal extraordinary achievement.

Offers of Alternative Employment: an adjustment may be made when there is clear evidence that the applicant is well-positioned to leave the institution for another university.

Market Differentials: an adjustment may be made to correct a market differential. These requests typically come from a Dean.

The Salary Adjustment Commission also reviews salaries of academic staff who have been denied a CDI and those who have been delayed beyond the normal time for promotion. Both of these reviews occur after three consecutive years of receiving a CDI.

It may take several months to receive a response to a request for an adjustment.

For assistance in making an application, please contact the CUASA Office.

Applications should include a CV and any other relevant documentation. It should be sent to the Secretary of the Salary Adjustment Commission c/o Office of Institutional Research and Planning.

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