Volume 25, No. 9 Editor: Bob Rupert December, 1994.

                     Muni Frumhartz


From 1956 when he arrived at Carleton as a lecturer in Sociology to his

retirement in 1987 as a Professor in the Department of Sociology and

Anthropology, Muni Frumhartz served with distinction as a teacher,

researcher, administrator and faculty representative. In addition to many

other roles, he served as President of CUASA in 1978-79, the Chair

(President) of OCUFA in 1973-74, and a member of Council and the Executive

of CAUT in the mid 70's and in the early 80's. The rights and

responsibilities of faculty members were always of great importance to

Muni, and he was a key participant in all matters associated with policies

pertaining to academic freedom and tenure. Muni viewed every issue from a

variety of perspectives and this characteristic, together with this strong

commitment to quality and openness, contributed to the steadying influence

he provided to our Association over many years. We are in his debt.

            Donations in memory of

                               Muni Frumhartz

                               may be made to

            the Muni Frumhartz Centre for Research on Education

                          at Carleton University

                 Renewal of Group Insurance Contract

CUASA agreed to a one-year renewal of the Group Insurance Contract with

Prudential Life for the Accident Death and Dismemberment Insurance and the

out-of-country Travel Assistance Health Insurance effective December 1,

  1. The recommendation was based on the fact that for the first two

years that the plan was in place there was no increase in rates, and even

with the slight increase, the annual cost of $6.24 single or $11.88 family

still offers an inexpensive form of coverage. Monthly premium rates for

single coverage will increase from 42 cents to 52 cents. Family coverage

increases from 58 cents to 99 cents. In spite of the best efforts of your

union and management, we have not been able to include retired members in

this coverage.

                Freedom of Access to Information

Last week it came to CUASA's attention that the administration is drafting

an Access to Information policy to meet a request from COU for University

guidelines concerning Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection in

general conformance with the Ontario legislation on this subject. Your

President, Geza Kardos, immediately contacted Dr. Farquhar pointing out

that any such policy could seriously affect the terms and conditions of

employment of our members an that consequently we wish to be informed and

consulted throughout the whole process of enacting any such policy. The

only reply we have received was from the President's Executive Assistant

who forwarded the latest draft of the Access to Information document and a

memo pointing out his concern relating to the urgency of enacting this

document. It is your Association's intention to continue to emphasize to

the President that any such policy would be subject to all provisions of

our Collective Agreement which, after all, is part and parcel of the law

of Ontario (OLRA_.

     CAUT Conference on "Recognition: Librarians' Academic Status"

                     by Susan Jackson

The third biennial CAUT Conference for Academic Librarians organized by

the CAUT Librarians' Committee was held in Vancouver from November 17 to

19, 1994. More than 50 librarians from across Canada took this

opportunity to share with colleagues information about their local

situations and to discuss issues of mutual concern in the changing academy.

The conference theme directed attention to recognition of the contribution

that academic librarians are able to make in partnership with faculty

colleagues not only within library walls but through participation on

relevant university bodies. The keynote speech by Sandra Zuk of the

University of Winnipeg highlighted some of these opportunities and

difficulties in identifying and activating appropriate channels for


Other topics discussed in the following nine sessions covered matters of

collective bargaining; the importance of developing awareness to ensure

that collections and access promote inclusivity and diversity for research

and student needs; the position of the chief librarian as an academic or

as an administrator; issues of governance and participation; and the

problems raised by vertical cuts, decreasing budgets and changes in work,

particularly in the technical operations of many libraries.

Background information relating to many of these issues may be found in

the special Librarians' Supplement which appeared in a recent CAUT Bulletin.