How to Volunteer

General Volunteer Information

The Association is only as strong as its membership, so we count on the time and commitment of our members to achieve our goals.

There are many ways to volunteer and provide service to CUASA. From serving on the executive in a Steering Committee position, to being a Council representative for your unit, or volunteering for one of our standing committees or joint committees with the University.

The Collective Agreement recognizes CUASA work as Service in members’ annual reviews.

Please visit our Vacancies page, or contact the CUASA Office to find out how you can get involved.

2020-2022 CUASA Steering Elections

Information for the 2020 Steering Elections is found below. This information, including a description for each position, can also be found in our nominations and elections document, available here. If you have any questions about the nominations and elections process, please contact Office Manager Deborah Jackson at


All Steering nominations must be made using the form found here (PDF) or here (Word).

Two signatures from Association members are required as nominators, and the nominee must also sign to accept the nomination. Once all three signatures have been made, the form can be remitted to the CUASA Office.

Note: During the COVID-19 situation, members are encouraged to seek the two signatures electronically, if they’re able to do so and their technology allows. If e-signatures are not possible, members can submit the nomination form to Office Manager Deborah Jackson at, with a CC to your two nominators so that Deborah may contact them directly to confirm your nomination.

Nominations for the position of President must be received by 4:00pm on Tuesday, March 31. In accordance with Article IX: Elections and Vacancies of the CUASA Constitution, the election for President shall occur prior to the April General Meeting, currently scheduled for Tuesday, April 28. All members of the Association are eligible to vote for the position of President.

Nominations for all other Officer positions will remain open until Monday, April 27. CUASA Council elects the Officers of the Association after the April General Meeting. These elections will take place at the Council Meeting on Thursday, May 21.


All nominees and nominators have to be Association members. Anyone who is not an Association member will have to sign a membership card before they can be nominated or nominate someone else. Membership cards can be found here (PDF) or here (Word).

Steering Positions Open for Nominations

The term of office for each Steering position is two years, from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022. The following positions are open for nomination:

  • President
  • Vice President**
  • Treasurer
  • External Relations Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Chair, Grievance Policy and Administration
  • Chair, Equity
  • Chair, Nominations and Elections
  • Instructor Representative
  • Professional Librarian Representative

** Note: For Vice President, this will be a by-election for a one-year term to finish the present term of office.

A description for each position can be found in our nominations and elections document, available here.

Teaching Releases for Steering Positions

In accordance with Article 18.8(a), the positions of President and Chair, Grievance Policy and Administration are not required to teach more than one full course during the term of office.

For all other positions, both Steering and Council have authorized that all Steering members will receive a 0.5 credit course release. The Instructor representative will receive a 1.0 credit course release. If an Instructor holds a different position on Steering, they will receive an additional 0.5 release, where possible.