The Communiqué

CUASA began as the Carleton College Academic Staff Association with its first meeting on November 18, 1952, and later certified as the first academic staff union in Ontario on June 18, 1975. Even prior to certification, CUASA issued newsletters to provide updates to our members on the work of the Association and issues that may be relevant to their careers at Carleton.

These newsletters have had various titles attributed to them since they began, such as just “Newsletter” or “News from CUASA”, and they always had a Volume and Issue number starting with Volume 1 in 1970. Beginning in September 1991, these newsletters were rebranded as the “CUASA Communiqué”, and continued under that name until March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

With the onset of the pandemic, CUASA paused our usual newsletters and began issuing more frequent “CUASA Updates” as the COVID-19 situation developed. Those updates gradually became less frequent, but we continued to call them the “CUASA Update”.

As of September 2023, we’ve gone back to our roots and are proud to reintroduce “The Communiqué”. The blog loop below shows online versions of the Communiqué.

Other publicly available CUASA updates can be found with other posts in the news category here.

For historical versions of the Communiqué from the 1970s to the 2010s, please click here.