All CUASA employees pay dues to the Union. Dues are deducted from members’ pay cheques by the University and are remitted to CUASA. This is also known as a mil/mill rate.

We then use these dues to conduct the business of the Association, including grievance representation and defence, collective bargaining, member events, renting office space, and employing staff to support the work of CUASA. A portion of dues is also set aside for a strike and lockout defence fund.

The amount of dues members pay is based off an approved calculation. Following a majority vote of the members at the April General Meeting (AGM) on April 24, 2024, an increase to the dues rate was approved. This was the first change to CUASA’s dues rate in a decade; the last rate increase happened in 2014.

As of May 1, 2024, the present dues rate for CUASA members is 1.3% of gross income. For example, a member making $100,000 per year will pay $1,300 annually in union dues, or approximately $108.33 per month.

Under Article X of the CUASA Constitution, any changes to this rate shall be proposed by CUASA Council and ratified by members at a General Meeting of the Association.