CUASA’s Executive, the Steering Committee, is responsible for implementing the policies of the Association. It meets at least once a month from September to May of each academic year.

Terms of Reference

See Article V of the CUASA Constitution.

Committee Members

To learn more about Steering members, see our Executive bios webpage.

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Name Academic Sub-Unit Position Term
Dominique Marshall History President 6/26
Nadine Ijaz Law and Legal Studies Vice President 6/25
Vacant Past President
Devin Fraser Business Treasurer 6/26
Mazurka Chakravorty English/Interdisciplinary Studies External Relations Officer 6/26
Brett Stevens Mathematics and Statistics Salary and Benefits Officer 6/25
Pierre Cloutier de Repentigny Law and Legal Studies Chair, Collective Bargaining 6/25
Anil Varughese Public Policy and Administration Chair, Grievance Policy and Administration 6/26
Brian Greenspan English Language and Literature Chair, Internal Affairs 6/25
Stéfy McKnight Media Production and Design Chair, Equity 6/25
Vacant Chair, Nominations and Elections 6/25
Vacant Instructor Representative 6/26
George Duimovich Library Professional Librarian Representative 6/26