The Council of the Association is responsible for determining the Association’s policies and bylaws. It meets at least six times a year or at the request of five of its members. Council consists of the Officers of the Association and representatives of the academic sub-units of the University. Members are elected for three year terms starting April 1 of each year.

Terms of Reference

See Article IV of the CUASA Constitution.

Council Members

Abhijit Sarkar Civil & Environmental Engineering March 31, 2025
Alexandra Pettit Biochemistry March 31, 2027
Alina Shaikhet Computer Science March 31, 2026
Andrea Chandler Political Science March 31, 2026
Andrew Johnston History March 31, 2026
Ania Zbyszewska Law and Legal Studies March 31, 2027
Anil Varughese Public Policy and Administration March 31, 2027
Brian Greenspan English Language and Literature March 31, 2027
Brian Strong Linguistics and Language Studies March 31, 2026
Chris Motz Psychology March 31, 2027
Dalal Hanna Biology March 31, 2026
Daniel Stolarski Physics March 31, 2025
David Long International Affairs March 31, 2025
Devin Fraser Business March 31, 2025
Emilie Urbain French March 31, 2027
François Brouard Business March 31, 2025
Gabriele Contessa Philosophy March 31, 2026
Ian Lee Business March 31, 2025
Ilyan Ferrer Social Work March 31, 2027
Irwin Reichstein Retired Representative March 31, 2027
Jean-Michel Landry Sociology and Anthropology March 31, 2026
Jeff Manthorpe Chemistry March 31, 2025
Jody Mason English March 31, 2025
John Gaydos Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering March 31, 2025
Karen Jesney Linguistics and Language Studies March 31, 2025
Kristof Avramsson Library March 31, 2027
Lara Karaian Criminology and Criminal Justice March 31, 2027
Leila Angod Interdisciplinary Studies March 31, 2027
Lesley Istead Information Technology March 31, 2025
Malini Guha Studies in Art and Culture March 31, 2027
Mary Kelly Cognitive Science March 31, 2025
Matt Gertler Library March 31, 2025
Matthew Bellamy History March 31, 2025
Megan Rivers-Moore Feminist Institute of Social Transformation March 31, 2026
Paul Goode European, Russian and Eurasian Studies March 31, 2025
Rose Gomar Systems and Computer Engineering March 31, 2026
Sean Landsman Environmental and Interdisciplinary Science March 31, 2027
Timothy Pettipiece Humanities March 31, 2025
Tonya Davidson Sociology and Anthropology March 31, 2026

Join Council

All members of the Association are eligible to run for vacant positions in their department. For more information about election procedures, contact the CUASA Office.

Architecture and Industrial Design Biology
Canadian Studies Civil and Environmental Engineering
Earth Sciences Economics
Electronics Geography and Environmental Studies
Journalism and Communication Kroeger College
Law and Legal Studies Mathematics and Statistics
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Neuroscience
Political Science Psychology