Member Advising & Grievance Representation

When you contact CUASA with an issue relating to your employment at Carleton, you will be assisted by a member of CUASA staff. Our staff work with the Collective Agreement on a daily basis and are well-trained labour relations professionals.

One of CUASA’s primary roles is enforcement of the provisions of the Collective Agreement. Any member of CUASA may (and should) seek advice from the Association on potential violations of the Collective Agreement.

CUASA will always first try to resolve issues in an informal manner without resorting to the grievance process. If your issue does come to a grievance, CUASA will work hard on your behalf to ensure a favourable result.

Contacting CUASA for advice does not mean a grievance will be filed. Our team will work with you to determine the best approach for your individual situation.

Our member advising team consists of:

– Jaye Horton, Executive Director
– Alex Aucoin, Grievance & Arbitration Officer
– Hanan Mankal, Grievance & Arbitration Officer
– Max López, Equity & Member Services Officer

For more information or to obtain advice, please contact us. Do not wait if you have a concern. The timelines of the Collective Agreement must be respected in order to avoid complications that may arise from untimeliness. If the deadlines are missed, CUASA may not be able to pursue the matter on your behalf.

In order for you to benefit from a proper review of the issue and to receive appropriate advice, early reporting is necessary for CUASA to provide representation. All grievance discussions and files are strictly confidential.

A document providing an overview of the grievance process, as well as answering some frequently asked questions, can be found below. It can also be downloaded here.

Member Requests for Union Attendance at Meetings

Remember: You have the right to (and are encouraged to have) union representation at meetings with the employer regarding your employment at Carleton.

CUASA is committed to protecting the rights and privileges of its members and as such members may request CUASA representation at meetings with the employer. A CUASA representative will attend the meeting(s) as a member representative, or to safeguard the member’s interests when such attendance is deemed by CUASA to be necessary. If attendance is deemed necessary, all reasonable attempts will be made to provide a CUASA representative.

The CUASA representative at the meeting will ensure that the rights and privileges of all CUASA members, both those present and not present, are respected.

CUASA representation is normally considered necessary at:

  1. Meetings between a CUASA member and the employer including, but not limited to, meetings with Labour Relations (Academic), Human Resources, Deans, Directors of Schools, or university disciplinary committees.
  2. Meetings regarding members’ rights under the CUASA Collective Agreement or superior legislation, as well as all university disciplinary procedures not addressed in the Collective Agreement..
  3. Negotiations for special consideration, accommodation, or variation of the Collective Agreement between the member and the employer.

The Chair of the meeting will be notified of the attendance of the CUASA representative and will confirm the invitation. All participants in the meeting will be notified of the expected attendance of the CUASA representative.