Article XI: Finances

  1. Council shall have charge of the finances of the Association and, subject to such direction as may be given at the April or any other General Meeting, shall authorize all expenditures by approval of the yearly budget.
  2. All money received by the Association shall be deposited to one or several accounts in the Association’s name. The signing officers shall normally be the President, Vice President and the Treasurer, and the signatures of any two of them shall be sufficient authorization for the drawing of funds from such accounts. The disbursement of funds, exceeding certain limits, shall be regulated by bylaw. If one of the normal signing officers is unable to provide this function, the President may designate an alternate from among the Officers of the Association.
  3. The Finance Committee shall draw up a yearly budget, monitor expenses, and recommend membership fees to Council.
  4. The Treasurer shall present a yearly financial report to the April General Meeting, and such other reports as are requested by Council.
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