Article XIV: Amendments

  1. Council shall give notice in writing of all proposed amendments to this Constitution to all members of the Association on at least two occasions not less than fourteen (14) days apart and an electronic ballot of the members of the Association on proposed amendments shall be conducted not less than fourteen (14) days and no more than twenty-eight (28) days after the second notice. A majority of proposed amendments into effect.
  2. No votes for the amendment of this Constitution shall take place in the period from May to August inclusive of any year.
  3. A proposal to amend the Constitution requires the endorsement of 15 members of CUASA drawn from at least two faculties and must be submitted in writing to the CUASA office 2 weeks prior to a meeting of Council to be placed on the agenda. Any such proposal shall first be passed by a majority of Council members in order for it to be put to a membership referendum.
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