Bylaw 20: Electronic Voting in Council

  1. The Chair of Council shall make every effort to ensure that voting takes place under conditions allowing for full and fruitful debate.
  2. Electronic votes conducted by Council may only be permitted when all Presidential Officers agree that an issue requiring a vote of Council must be settled before Council can be reasonably assembled in person.
  3. Should an electronic vote be deemed necessary, the Chair shall:
    1. provide a fair summary to Council of the issue requiring a vote, including a summary of any debate on the issue if it had previously come before Council;
    2. provide instructions to Council regarding the rules of debate on the motion and how to contribute to debate, which must remain open for at least 24 hours prior to the start of voting;
    3. direct CUASA staff to set up an online election in which each Council member is given a unique link for voting and may only vote once, with the details of how individuals voted available to the Chair only;
    4. keep individuals’ votes confidential unless an audit of the vote is required;
    5. announce the results to Council immediately after the conclusion of the voting period.
  4. Any motion submitted for electronic vote by Council shall not be amendable once voting is open.
  5. Any electronic vote must remain open for at least 24 hours. However, once a majority of Council has voted in favour or against a motion so that is necessarily succeeds or fails, Steering may act on the motion immediately.
  6. Quorum for an electronic vote is automatically met. Non-voters will be deemed to have abstained.
  7. Electronic voting shall be considered an exceptional process.
  8. No electronic vote can suspend the rules.
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