Bylaw 9: Academic Sub-Units

For the purpose of Council representation, as defined in Article IV of the Constitution, the academic sub-units of the University are as follows:

the Schools of Architecture and Industrial Design;
the School for Studies in Art and Culture;
the Department of Biology;
the Sprott School of Business;
the School of Canadian Studies and Institute of Women’s & Gender Studies
the Department of Chemistry
the School of Computer Science
the Department of Earth Sciences;
the Department of Economics;
the Departments of Electronics and Civil Engineering;
the Department of English;
the Department of French;
the Department of Geography;
the Department of History;
the College of Humanities/Religion/Greek and Roman Studies;
the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and EURUS;
the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies;
the School of Journalism & Communications;
the Department of Law and Legal Studies;
the Library;
the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies;
the School of Mathematics and Statistics;
the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering;
the Department of Philosophy;
the Department of Physics;
the Department of Political Science and Institute of Political Economy;
the Department of Psychology;
the School of Public Policy & Administration;
the School of Social Work;
the Department of Sociology and Anthropology;
the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering; and
Instructor employees.

This list shall be updated as required by the Constitution. Such updates shall not require Council approval.

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