CUASA Supports CUPE4600 in their Bargaining Efforts

CUPE 4600 has been in a legal strike position as of 12:01am, Monday, March 6th 2017. CUASA stands in solidarity with our CUPE colleagues and fully supports their negotiating efforts for a fair settlement. CUASA does not condone Carleton University’s continued reliance on strong-arm tactics to force parties to an impasse over important issues such as raising wages and job security to a level comparable to other institutions.

As of this writing, CUPE 4600 picket lines have been set. Flyers and information sheets are available at the picket lines. For more detailed picketing information, please visit or follow #cupe4600 and @CUASA on Twitter.

CUASA encourages members to show support for CUPE4600 whenever possible, and to accommodate students who are delayed due to a holdup or their participation on the picket lines. Members are especially encouraged to walk the picket lines during their free time, and you will see members of Steering and Council doing so.  Placards, noise-makers, and other such instruments are encouraged as well, and the CUASA banner is available from the CUASA office if it’s not already on the picket line. Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather.

CUASA reminds its members to report any of the following items immediately, if observed or experienced:

  • Any attempts to direct, coerce, intimidate or harass CUASA members to perform the work of CUPE4600 members. Scabbing is not appropriate.
  • Any unsafe practices or workplace conditions. Members on strike are without the protection of a collective agreement. Since CUASA members share workspaces with CUPE4600, any alterations to the workplace during a strike could be in violation of CUASA’s own collective agreement.
  • Any threats of discipline or breaches of the CUASA collective agreement.

Finally, CUASA reminds its members that they are expected to perform their work as usual. (This does not include the work assigned to their TAs.) Delays caused by the picket lines at the campus road entrances are expected. Members scheduled to be on campus during the strike should notify their students and Chairs promptly if the delays being experienced will cause a class to start later than scheduled.

The CUASA office will remain open.  See also CUASA’s Policy and Advice Statement with respect to Strikes by Members of Another Bargaining Unit.

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