CUASA to File Charter Challenge Against Bill 124

January 17, 2020

CUASA to File Charter Challenge Against Bill 124

Today, CUASA is announcing its intent to launch a Charter challenge against the government of Ontario’s Bill 124, the Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act.

On December 12, 2019, CUASA Council carried a motion that the Association would proceed with its own challenge, which is similar to others filed to date by the province’s four major teachers’ unions (OSSTF, ETFO, OECTA, AEFO), the Ontario Federation of Labour coalition, the Ontario Nurses Association, and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

“The province has no right to interfere with collective bargaining and to meddle with the autonomy of universities. We bargain with Carleton University, not the government of Ontario,” said CUASA President Angelo Mingarelli. “The government has unfairly attacked the university sector, including precariously employed students and contract faculty. Since it is becoming increasingly difficult to reason with the present government, CUASA is turning to the courts for assistance. We have a responsibility to our current and future members, and to the broader academic community, to ensure that the impact of Bill 124 on our sector is fully and fairly presented to the courts.”

Additionally, CUASA applauds OCUFA’s recent decision to answer the OFL’s call for solidarity and join its coalition. We stand in solidarity with all unions in the province that are challenging this bill, either as a member of a coalition or on their own.

CUASA has formally invited other faculty associations from across the province to join a university sector-specific coalition.

More information on this issue will be provided to CUASA members at the next General Membership Meeting on Thursday, February 27 (location to be announced).

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