Delivery of Student Evaluations

Delivery of Student Evaluations

September 24, 2018

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP) has sent out an email to faculty to select their preferred mode of delivery for Student Evaluations. Your Collective Agreement protects your right to choose which mode you prefer.

The default mode is on-line delivery of Student Evaluations, unless you choose to opt-out and submit a request to have them administered on paper, by September 27th. You can do this quickly and easily through Carleton Central.

While these questionnaires are useful for some in appraising students’ experience of the course, the fact remains that these surveys are not adequate in addressing teaching effectiveness. However, they retain importance, especially for CDI assessments, and tenure and promotion dossiers.

CUASA strongly recommends that all members choose paper evaluation forms. Scores are consistently lower when electronic surveys are used, and opting for paper reduces gender and racial biases in the surveys. Response rates tend to be higher and written comments more constructive and extensive on paper evaluations than on-line.

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