Dr. Gorelick’s seat on Carleton Board of Governors safe, but union still has concerns over academic freedom

(Ottawa, ON – January 27th 2016) The Carleton University Academic Staff Association is pleased that the Carleton University Board of Governors chose not to remove Dr.Root Gorelick from his position as Faculty Representative at their meeting on January 26th, 2016.

“Until such a time that the Board of Governors starts conducting important business during open sessions we will not be satisfied that Carleton University is an institution which values academic freedom and open debate.” stated CUASA President Pum van Veldhoven.

Dr. Root Gorelick was threatened with removal from the board of governors after he refused to sign the revised Statement of General Duties, Fiduciary Responsibilities, and Conflict of Interest, which would place a lifetime ban on him being able to publicly communicate about open and closed sessions of the board of governors. Gorelick has been blogging about the open sessions of the board of governors since 2013, in order to encourage openness, transparency and good governance.

“Academic freedom and open debate are integral to the functioning of the university. Using fear based tactics to stifle dissent is undemocratic and not in the best interest of the University. ” stated van Veldhoven.

On November 28th, the Canadian Association of University Teacher’s passed a motion at its council meeting which would allow it to begin a censure investigation against CU if Dr.Gorelick was removed from the BOG. If Carleton University is censured CAUT members would be asked not to take appointments, receive honors, or participate at conferences at Carleton.


For more information please contact Caitlin Armstrong, CUASA Membership Services Officer at 613-520-2600 x 8381, or Angela Regnier, Communications Officer, CAUT 613-726-5186

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