Instructor conversion to Teaching Stream, July 1

June 21, 2024

As we first wrote last fall, Carleton University and CUASA are pleased to announce that, as of July 1, 2024, Instructors will be granted professorial ranks with a teaching stream designation (see below). Furthermore, a new rank of Full Professor, Teaching Stream has been created.

As of July 1, 2024:

  • Instructor I will be named Lecturer, Teaching Stream
  • Instructor II will be named Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
  • Instructor III will be named Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
  • Instructor IV will be named Full Professor, Teaching Stream

The University and CUASA are still working to jointly develop promotion criteria, guidelines, and university standards. Accordingly, the 2024-2025 cycle will use the current criteria and processes per Article 10.13 Instructor Promotions and Article 12: Instructor Employees in the Collective Agreement. However, new titles and ranks will apply as per the Memorandum of Agreement.

Members interested in applying for promotion to Full Professor, Teaching Stream will have to wait until the 2025-2026 cycle, as the criteria and guidelines are still being developed.

An official notice from the Provost will be sent to all Teaching Stream Faculty will inform them of their rank and of tenure status. We are aware some members have already received this. If you have not, it should be coming soon.

We are very excited to welcome current Instructors to their new titles and ranks on July 1!

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