Let Your Voice Be Heard

Dear CUASA Members,

Last week, we released a statement expressing our concern about provincial government changes to our sector. That statement highlighted changes that will directly affect CUASA members, including reducing compensation to senior faculty who are receiving pensions, or possible interference on university autonomy by changing collective bargaining across the sector.

But these are not the only changes the government is making. Others include tying 60% of university funding to performance-based metrics, cutting $670 million from OSAP, and threatening student unions and their services by making some student fees voluntary. These changes have the potential to negatively affect the Carleton community as a whole, and we all have cause to be concerned.

Today, CUASA took the step of placing an advertisement in the Ottawa Citizen to share our concerns. We need to let this government know that we will not sit idly by while they attack our sector.

June 7 marks one year since the Ford government was elected. The Ontario Federation of Labour has organized a Day of Action to protest against the provincial government’s cuts, with numerous events happening across the province. Here in Ottawa, three main events are planned, including a rally and barbecue at Preston Square outside the Ministry of Labour building.

We will be providing a bus for CUASA members to attend. The bus will depart from Parking Lot 1 beside the library at 11:30am, and will depart Preston Square to return to Carleton at 1:30pm. Space on the bus will be first-come, first-serve. We will also have posters and flags available for the rally. If you can’t make the rally, we have received word the Association of Professors of University of Ottawa (APUO) is sending members to the 4:00pm march to the Ottawa Courthouse. We encourage you to join APUO’s efforts, if you can.

We call on you to let your concerns be known too. Attend an event, if you can. Write to your MPP. Let this government know that you do not accept its attacks on postsecondary education. Let your voice be heard.


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