This page has important information for candidates being considered for positions at Carleton.


Your negotiation for a starting salary is extremely important. It determines your career earnings and your final pension.

Management will make a salary offer based on parameters such as market factors, budgetary constraints and whether there are other suitable candidates available.

You have complete freedom to negotiate your starting salary at any amount above stipulated lower limits.

Other Things to Keep in Mind:

  • While salary floors are posted on CUASA’s website, floors provide little information with respect to negotiating an appropriate starting salary.
  • There is no firm “hiring” rate.
  • A salary offer denotes the point at which you start your negotiations for your entry salary.
  • The point of initial hire on a preliminary appointment is the only time you get to negotiate your salary unless you move from a faculty term appointment to a preliminary appointment.
  • You may also need to negotiate the employer’s contribution to relocation costs and research startup funds.

You are strongly encouraged to contact CUASA for confidential advice on your salary negotiation.


A comprehensive set of health and dental benefits has been negotiated for our members. These include prescription drugs, vision, dental, life insurance, travel insurance and long term disability coverage.

More information on the benefits offered to CUASA members is available on the Benefits page.

In addition to health and dental benefits, members are provided with:

  • A Professional Expense Reimbursement account for expenses related to your duties. In 2013-2014, this was $1,800.
  • A hybrid defined benefit/money purchase pension plan.
  • Free tuition for yourself, your spouse and your dependants under 26 years of age.
  • Parental (maternity, parental and adoption) leave at 95% of salary for up to 52 weeks (depending on employment insurance eligibility).
  • Access to health care providers and athletic facilities.


Sabbatical leave is a right at Carleton. The first sabbatical is at 100% of your nominal salary. After that, full year sabbaticals are compensated at 85% of your nominal salary. Those who have taught elsewhere may be eligible for up to two years sabbatical credit.


Certified under the Ontario Labour Relations Act in 1975, CUASA is the oldest academic staff union in Ontario. It is our responsibility to promote the well being of the academic community, maintain the integrity of the University as an academic institution, defend academic freedom and to promote the collective and individual interests of its members.

The union and the employer work together using a problem solving approach to resolve issues involved in terms and conditions of employment. We are proud of our working relationship and will be pleased to welcome you to CUASA.

Once you have been hired, you are required by law to pay union dues. You have a choice about joining CUASA and participating in the democratic processes of the Association. Whether you join or not, CUASA represents you.


For additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact the CUASA Office. Other resources include:

CAUT Handbook for New Faculty: Negotiating Starting Salaries

Carleton Faculty Affairs

CAUBO Moving and Relocation Services

CUASA Housing Listings

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