Disclaimer: This page contains general information on retirement options. In the event of a conflict between the information on this page and the collective agreement or plan documents, the agreement/documents should be taken as correct.



The normal retirement age for CUASA members is 65. There is no manditory retirement age in Ontario.

When you choose to retire, you will be eligible to receive a pension from the Carleton University Retirement Plan. If you are considering retirement, please contact the CUASA Office for advice.

Early Retirement

Members have the option of retiring early. Normally, this will result in a corresponding reduction in the total pension plan payout. If you are considering early retirement, you are strongly encouraged to discuss the impact it will have on your pension with Human Resources.

In certain extraordinary circumstances, it is possible that a voluntary separation arrangement could be negotiated for members who are within a few years from retirement and who have decided to leave the university. This is extremely rare.

Reduced Time Appointment for Long Service Employees

There are a variety of reduced time appointment options available to members who want to reduce the amount they are working and have served full-time for at least ten years at Carleton and are over age 55. This plan is tailored to each member’s unique situation and as such you are advised to contact CUASA.


Retired academic staff continue to be associate members of the Association. CUASA negotiates benefits and contract teaching stipends on behalf of retired members.

Benefits (Article 40.9)

If you were hired before November 28, 2007 and retire at or after age (55) or were hired after November 28, 2007 and retire at or after 55 and have at least 8 years of service you will continue to be eligible for membership in the Health and Dental Plan. All premiums will be paid by the Employer.

If you retire with less than 8 years of service, you may continue to receive health and dental benefits but you will be responsible for paying at least part of the premium.

As a retired member with more than five years of service, you will have access to the Library, athletic facility and health services.

If you pre-decease your spouse after retirement, your spouse retains benefits for his/her lifetime. If you die before retirement, your spouse may be eligible to receive benefits. For more information, please contact Human Resources.

Honourary Ranks

The assignment of honourary ranks after retirement is governed by the Senate policy. More information on honourary ranks can be obtained from the Provost’s Office.

Teaching Credit Courses and Supervising Graduate Students

Retired members may continue to teach credit courses at Carleton as a contract instructor and shall have priority as determined by Article 40.9.

Supervision of graduate students is determined by the Graduate Supervision Appointments policy. Members who supervise graduate students after retirement are paid $2,000 per Master’s thesis and $4,000 for each dissertation accepted by Graduate Studies for which the member is the supervisor.


Parking is available to retired members teaching courses at the contract instructor rate. For more information, contact the Parking Office.

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