Member Advising

We know how stressful workplace issues can be and that’s why we’re here to help.

When you contact CUASA with an issue relating to your employment at Carleton, you will be assisted by one of our member services staff. Our staff work with the Collective Agreement on a daily basis and are well-trained labour relations professionals.

Quite often, CUASA can resolve issues in an informal manner without resorting to the grievance process. If your issue does come to a grievance, CUASA will work hard on your behalf to ensure a favourable result.

Our member advising team consists of:

– Christal Côté, Director / Senior Grievance and Arbitration Officer
– Josh Horton, Member Services and Communications Officer

For more information or to obtain advice, please contact us.

Remember: You have the right to (and are encouraged to have) union representation at meetings with the employer regarding your employment at Carleton.