Support for Keyano College Faculty [Fort McMurray]

This message is being sent out on behalf of Doug Short, president of ACIFA:

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you all who have already offered support to our friends at Keyano College.

The incredible natural disaster that has occurred in Fort McMurray has touched people across our country, and around the world. Indeed, I have heard from a concerned cousin in California where wildfires are often of great concern. Nature is an awesome force and yet we know that wildfires are nature’s way to regenerate. Fort McMurray will rise tomorrow through the spirit of its residents and through your prayers.

That over 80,000 people have safely escaped harm is a miracle, supported by the cooperation of the people of Fort McMurray and the calm, coordinated evacuation efforts. Wonderful!

Help will be needed by the many affected by the fire. At this time the best assistance that your members or your association can provide is by donating to the Canadian Red Cross. You can donate online by going to the Canadian Red Cross or you can also donate by texting REDCROSS to 30333.

As we move forward and things become clearer, ACIFA expects to provide some direct support to faculty members through the Keyano College Faculty Association. We await the counsel of their Association.

Thank you for your concerns and assistance.

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