The Communiqué – A Note on Ratification

May 29, 2018

A Note on Ratification

Now that a tentative agreement has been reached, it’s natural for our members to have questions and seek details about the new deal. In order to keep things fair, information will be shared to all members simultaneously at an information session. Under Article XII​ of the CUASA constitution, this information session is required at least one week prior to a ratification vote.

Your team is currently working hard to assemble a ratification report on all of the changes that make up the tentative agreement. Once that report is ready, we will schedule the information session and give at least 48-hours notice of its time and location. Details on the ratification vote will also be released at this time.

Please have patience. Substantial changes have been made and the collective agreement has been modernized in this round of bargaining. We have a lot to go through to make sure the tentative new collective agreement is ready for our members to review.

Thanks for your understanding.

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