The Communiqué (Oct. 15) – CUASA Supports OPSEU and College Faculty in their Bargaining Efforts

October 15, 2017

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In this issue:

CUASA Supports OPSEU and College Faculty in their Bargaining Efforts

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) representing faculty at colleges throughout Ontario has set a strike deadline of 12:01am on October 16, 2017.

CUASA stands in solidarity with OPSEU and supports their negotiating efforts for a fair settlement. CUASA has never condoned any University’s reliance on strong-arm tactics to force parties to an impasse over important issues such as precarious part-time work and diminishing the importance of academic freedom. CUASA Faculty is all too familiar with the chilling effect of corporatization of a campus and the disregard for academic freedom, therefore, CUASA believes that a united front is critical to prevent any erosion to academic freedom rights.

CUASA has recently received reports that Carleton University’s administration is considering asking CUASA faculty to increase their own workload in the event of a strike at colleges in Ottawa. Such a request would support another Employer in their collective bargaining. This would constitute a breach of CUASA’s collective agreement. Unsurprisingly, CUASA has not been directly consulted on this and reminds its members that they have rights to representation for any meeting or consultation held with them related to changing their workload after the expressed deadlines of the collective agreement.

CUASA encourages its members to show support for OPSEU, whenever possible, and reminds its members to report any of the following items immediately, if observed or experienced:

  • Any attempts to direct, coerce, intimidate or harass CUASA members to perform the work of OPSEU members for any of the joint programming with Algonquin College. Scabbing is not appropriate.
  • Any threats of discipline or breaches of the CUASA collective agreement.

See also CUASA’s Policy and Advice Statement with respect to Strikes by Members of Another Bargaining Unit.

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