The CUASA Weekly – May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

The Weekly:
– Strike Vote Passed
– CUASA Schedules Four Mediation Dates
– May 16 Bargaining Session Update
– Open Letter in Support of Closing the Gender Pay Gap
– CUASA Launches Petition


Strike Vote Passed

CUASA is very pleased to announce the Strike Vote has passed with 73% voting in favour. This is a solid mandate to support the Negotiation Team’s efforts at the table. This does not mean a strike will happen, but it does give your team added leverage at the table when we meet with the mediator later this month. It also shows that our membership is serious about wanting to reach a fair deal.

CUASA Schedules Four Mediation Dates

We have scheduled four dates this month with the Employer and Arbitrator William Kaplan. We will meet May 26, 27, 28 and 29. This means the Employer’s previous request for conciliation has been cancelled.

May 16 Bargaining Session Update

CUASA was pleased Employer agreed to return to the bargaining table on May 16. Your team was able to table the last of our initial proposals. However, we were dismayed that the Employer rejected our proposal for supplementary coverage to members who choose to take the new 18-month extended parental leave. The Employer also limited one of the options only to maternity situations. The Employer referred to their counter as “a gift of time, not a gift of money”. It’s a right under the law to be treated with respect and so we are dismayed to see that the option was not being made available for those who can only qualify for parental leave, such as single parents, people who adopt, or LGBTQ individuals. We question how the Employer considers something provided under the law to be a gift. You can read CUASA’s original proposal on Article 20.7 as part of the Equity package here.

Open Letter in Support of Closing the Gender Pay Gap

An open letter from faculty at Carleton is being shared in support of closing the gender pay gap for professors and instructors. The full letter now has over 90 signatures, and can be found here. CUASA members in support of this fight are encouraged to add their name. The administration has completely rejected CUASA’s bargaining table proposal to fix the pay equity problem.

CUASA Launches Petition

In addition to the open letter from faculty, CUASA has launched a petition to urge Carleton to close the gender pay gap. You can see and sign the petition here.

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