Weekly Update – September 25

September 25, 2020

Weekly Update – September 25

Fall Term Teaching Evaluations

CUASA and the University have agreed to apply the terms of the letter of understanding on summer term teaching evaluations to the Fall 2020 term.

This means that CUASA members teaching this term must opt-in to administer teaching evaluations and may only administer evaluations in electronic format. If members do not opt-in, they will be considered to have declined administering electronic teaching evaluations. If evaluations are administered, they will only be used for collective data and not for career decisions.

Provost’s Message on Academic Freedom

CUASA is concerned about a recent message sent to teaching staff from Carleton’s Provost and Vice-President (Academic), Jerry Tomberlin. The message speaks about the potential for students pursuing their studies from outside of Canada to be taking courses that may include subject matter that could be considered controversial, censored, or illegal in other countries. Students are being directed to speak to their instructors about their situation.

CUASA was not consulted on this subject by the University, and we are concerned that the onus is being placed on our members to individually address the situation for their students. We have raised our concerns with the University and have asked for more information on this matter. We have also been in touch with CAUT on this and will continue to monitor the situation.

We wish to remind CUASA members that your academic freedom rights stand, and you should continue to carry out your teaching as you see fit. We recommend that members should anticipate such subjects and seriously consider forewarning students that such material will be covered in upcoming lectures. If a student identifies a concern, members are encouraged to discuss the options they feel they have available to them at the time to adapt course materials with their Chair and student.

Summary of 2021 Round Pre-Bargaining Survey

The CUASA Collective Bargaining Committee has released a summary of the pre-bargaining survey that ran from January 30 to March 31, 2020. Members can find the link to the report in their email. Please do not share the link to this report.

CUASA Business and Events

Nominations for Steering Positions

We are still accepting nominations for the following Steering positions:

  • Communications Officer
  • Chair, Nominations and Elections
  • Chair, Internal Affairs
  • Instructor Representative

Information on the nominations process can be found on our How to Volunteer page. The work of the Association continues, despite the current environment we find ourselves in. Remember that our Association is only as strong as its membership, so we count on the time and commitment of our members to achieve our goals. Some of these positions come with a course release subject to the availability of funds.

Call for Volunteer: JCEE

We are seeking one CUASA member to serve on the Joint Committee on Employment Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JCEE). Details on the mandate of this important committee can be found here. If you are interested in serving on the JCEE, please email cuasa@cuasa.ca.

Academic Community Updates

U of T facing scrutiny over academic freedom controversy

CAUT is investigating allegations that the University of Toronto bowed to outside pressure in rescinding an offer of employment to an internationally recognized scholar. Click here to read more.

Federal Throne Speech misses opportunity to fix post-secondary education and support research

CAUT welcomes the renewed commitments in the Speech of the Throne to strengthen social programs, such as child care and Employment Insurance, take more action to address climate change, and create good jobs, but is troubled that no commitments were made to research or post-secondary education. Click here to read more.

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