Article VIII: General Meetings

  1. There shall be not less than three General Membership Meetings annually: one in April and one following the beginning of each of the fall and winter academic terms.
  2. The President shall call other General Meetings of the Association:
    1. as directed by Council;
    2. as directed by the Steering Committee;
    3. at the written request of fifteen members of the Association.
  3. a. All General Meetings shall include, but not be limited to:
    1. A report by the President;
    2. Reports by any other Officers as deemed necessary by Council; and,
    3. An opportunity for general discussion of these and any other matters raised by members.
  4. b. At the General Meeting in April, the agenda shall also include:
    1. A report by the Treasurer on the financial affairs of the union;
    2. Approval of the annual budget; and,
    3. Approval of changes to membership dues, if any.
  5. At least one week’s notice of any General Meeting of the Association shall be required.
  6. The Vice President shall normally preside at General Meetings of the Association.
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