Grievance Advisory – New Grievance Process

Grievance Advisory: New Grievance Process

February 15, 2019

The CUASA Grievance Committee would like to remind all members that the new grievance procedure is now in effect. The parties agreed to implement the new process only on official signing of the collective agreement, which occurred on February 7, 2019.

The new Article 29 – Complaints, Grievances and Arbitration may be found here.

What you need to know for employee (individual) complaints and grievances:

  • Complaints: Article 29.5(a) outlines the informal complaint resolution procedure. Employees must bring forward issues within 25 working days of becoming aware of any act or omission related to their workplace rights. The parties will then have 25 workings days to attempt to resolve the concern informally.
  • Harassment, discrimination and potential discipline matters proceed directly to the formal stage.
  • Formal grievance: Article 29.5(b) outlines the formal grievance process. There is only one grievance level. A written grievance must be filed within 25 working days of the conclusion of the informal complaint process. However, for matters of harassment or discrimination, grievors will have the same amount of time to file as already allowed in law and university policy.

Key points to remember:

  • Do not wait to contact CUASA if you have a concern. The timelines of the collective agreement must be respected in order to avoid complications that may arise from untimeliness. If the deadlines are missed, CUASA may not be able to pursue the matter on your behalf. In order for you to benefit from a proper review of the issue and to receive appropriate advice, early reporting is necessary for CUASA to provide representation.
  • The exclusions preventing members from filing grievances have been minimized. (See Article 29.8). Anything that affects your rights and terms and conditions of employment may be challenged via the Article 29 (except Article 17 and Appendix D) process as soon as you become aware of any adverse decision or act that affects you.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the new process, please contact the Chair of CUASA’s Grievance, Policy and Administration Committee, Pum van Veldhoven, at

To receive advice and representation, please contact CUASA’s Director / Senior Grievance & Arbitration Officer, Christal Côté, at

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