Ministry Consultation on Financial Sustainability

Ministry Consultation on Financial Sustainability

February 15, 2019

CUASA would like to inform its members that it received an invitation from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities on February 7, to attend a 90-minute information/consultation session on the issue of “employee renewal” as it relates to mandatory retirement. The consultation session was held on February 12.

This past weekend, CUASA was in attendance at the OCUFA Board of Directors regular meeting, where this consultation was held as a priority discussion by all of the member associations.

It became very clear to us, and to other faculty associations on the call with the ministry, that the government’s interpretation of “employee renewal” does not match that of OCUFA and faculty unions across the province. The government’s position seems to be that the best way to bring about faculty renewal is by introducing what is tantamount to mandatory retirement.

CUASA’s current position echoes that of OCUFA’s pre-budget submission to the Ministry (found here). Mandatory retirement is not a solution to faculty renewal. Fair contracts, reasonable workloads and proper funding to end precarious work are just a few strategies that should be considered.

Many academics start their careers later in life and their research does not arbitrarily end at any particular age. Remaining academics would be taxed with more work, and without any guarantee of new vacancies being backfilled with tenure-track positions. Working conditions should improve, not deteriorate with any faculty renewal initiative.

We also have too many unanswered questions and outstanding concerns about the impact of the OSAP changes and tuition cuts.

The ministry has given faculty associations until February 22 to send written submissions on this issue. Please watch for further updates. In the interim, please share your thoughts or concerns with us no later than February 19 by contacting your unit Council representative, or by emailing CUASA’s External Affairs Officer, Angelo Mingarelli at

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