The Communiqué – New CUASA Officers (July 12, 2017)

July 12, 2017

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CUASA Steering Committee

Root Gorelick, Biology

Vice President
Melissa Haussman, Political Science

Pum van Veldhoven, Sociology

Treasurer (pro tem)
Greg Franks, Sys. and Comp. Engineering

Chair, Collective Bargaining
Chantal Dion, French

Chair, External

Chair, Grievance
Pum van Veldhoven, Sociology

Salary and Benefits Officer
Greg Franks, Sys. and Comp.

Chair, Internal Affairs
Audra Diptee, History

Communications Officer

Chair, Equity
Dawn Moore, Law and Legal Studies

Chair, Nominations and

Instructor Representative

Librarian Representative
Kristof Avramsson

CUASA Office Staff

Grievance and Arbitration
Christal Côté

Office Manager
Deborah Jackson

Member Services and Communications Officer
Victor Lorentz

New CUASA Officers

CUASA is pleased to announce the results of elections that took place among your Council representatives. As of July 1, please welcome the following officers to the union. A big thank you to those who stood for election and have chosen to give their time and effort going forward, especially in this, a bargaining year.

New Officers:

  • Root Gorelick, President
  • Melissa Haussman, Vice-President
  • Greg Franks, Treasurer (pro tem)
  • Audra Diptee (Internal Affairs Chair)

We are sure you join us in thanking the outgoing officers for their dedication and service to the union. Their hard work is appreciated.

Outgoing Officers:

  • Patrice Smith (former President)
  • Justin Paulson (Vice-President)
  • Saul Schwartz (Treasurer)
  • Angelo Mingarelli (External Relations Officer)
  • Peter Gose (Internal Affairs Chair).

There are still several open positions on Steering committee as well as units with open Council seats. If you are interested in these positions, would like further information, or would like to nominate another member, please contact

 Vacant Steering Committee Positions:

  • External Relations Officer
  • Instructor Representative
  • Chair, Nominations and Elections
  • Communication Officer
  • Treasurer

Upcoming arbitration on Board of Governors gag order

An arbitration date has been set in the matter of Professor Root Gorelick’s ineligibility to serve on the Board of Governors as faculty representative. On July 19th and 20th, an arbitrator will begin hearing arguments from CUASA and the University about whether Dr. Gorelick’s academic freedom was violated through the imposition of a ‘code of conduct’ on members of the Board of Governors that prevents them from giving opinions on open sessions.

Last year, CUASA unanimously passed a motion of no-confidence in the Board of Governors over concerns of a lack of openness, transparency, and academic freedom at Carleton. Additionally, CAUT will again consider censure of Carleton at their fall Council meeting if there is no substantial progress towards resolving serious deficiencies in Carleton’s collegial governance. You can read past Communiqués on this topic here, here, here, here, or here.

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