CUASA Concerned About Cuts to Campus Medical Services

CUASA Concerned About Cuts to Campus Medical Services

August 2, 2019

CUASA wishes to inform its membership that discussions at the JCAA level have already begun on the issue of cutting campus medical services to faculty members and retirees. To date, the University has claimed that these services were exclusive for students and only funded by students. The University has not acknowledged that as a party to collective bargaining, funding bargained services is an employer obligation.

The University’s decision to cut services was not brought to CUASA’s attention prior to making the decision to do so, nor is CUASA aware of any additional assistance being provided to CUASA members to help them find new doctors off-campus.

It is CUASA’s position that the administration is in clear violation of the CUASA collective agreement. There is a long-standing practice on campus for the provision of medical services.
Many of our member members have moved from previous positions and locations to come to Carleton University, in part because they were informed that the faculty members had access to family doctors at Health Services. Removing this service is a significant reduction of benefits.

CUASA has received a high volume of inquiries and concerning reports from its members about how the University’s actions are impacting their health care. We encourage you to continue to send your impact statements to and/or inform your CUASA Council Representatives.

Please watch for further updates.

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